Tuesday, May 12, 2015

what i didnt know

The person i did was my grandma we where in her bedroom .She has short hair ,she doesn't look that old,she's tan and kind of tall.Her voice is nice and gentle but loud when she needs it to be .My grandma Olga was very happy i was interviewing her .I ask my grandma what was the most important thing in her life she said it was getting married because i had three wonderful children and i was very happy .Why was that important ?she said because i always wanted a family because i always saw my parents happy and i wanted a family of my own .what would you  change if you  could go back in time ? she said if i could go back in time i would go to collage because i always want to get a better job .I always told my kids going to school was very important .I always want to become a lawyer .why ?.Because i always was good at defending people and i could help the people in need once my mother couldn't get her money back from this man because she brought something broken so i tried to be like a lawyer and he gave her money back .But i was never a lawyer because i never went to school .What was your favorite childhood memory ?My favorite childhood memory was me going to the beach with my five siblings.That was my favorite memory because that was the only time we didn't fight .We would run around and play all day we would have snakes and juice and get along .were you close to all your sibling ? no all i was only really close to Allie ,Maria and Jose .My brother David and sister Ana were really close they would barley fight .But i would always fight with them .

Friday, March 6, 2015


margo go out and she does many thing .she wants to get every who hurt he back .i thought margo would do any of the things she did .like eggs someone car or steal stuff .i thought i know margo frim reading the book but i was wrong


when i first read it i thought margo was going to a good girl and not be a a rebel .but she the rebrl here and she does things that no would think she did .

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

the end of fault of our stars

i like how it ended because she was reading the letter that gus write for her .i like how she aws happy that she found the leter and said i do which meant she didnt mind that the chose she made feeling in like love with someone who was going to die

fault in our stars

i thought hazel  was going to die but then i found out that gus was going to die. i was kind shocked i thought he was going  to die. i never really though he would die because in most books  the main or one of the main people never die .i would have been very upset but she knew she was ok about .

Monday, March 2, 2015

the moive

i think the moive was way better than the book because it gives us the end and what happened to jonas and gabe .also because when they were going to kill fiona they got feel back it give it a little twist and because u didnt know if jonas was going to be fast enough to save fiona .also i like the moive better is because they gived more twist and more action .i liked the moive because jonas gets mad and he hits asher .in the moive he is more of a rebel .also i think that the moive is way fun to watch and see all the memories.

Sunday, February 15, 2015


jonas leaves the commuituies with gabe .he for first time he  feels  sarvation .is he going to survie